I'm Corey. Late bloomer, iced coffee lover, heath nut wannabe, dreamer, power napper, glass is half full kinda girl, with a fierce love for God, my crew, traveling & the color turquoise.

It all started when...

I was in college taking photography classes and I saw my first image come to LIFE in the darkroom. Yes, darkroom. I first fell in love with photography using a camera that shot with film. The ability to tell a story through a lens has captivated me & led me to this moment with a camera in my hand. 

An adorable husband, two sweet daughters and many moons later; I'm still in love with visual storytelling. I love that the world is my studio & I feel so blessed to meet new people and connect with my community in this business. My goal is that the images I create for you bring smiles for years to come.